As many are aware we have had to revamp the timetable. The club has made great progress and we currently have too many swimmers needing to be pushed up into the higher groups, but with limited lane and water space a revamping is essential. Matlock has always prided its self on being  a club for all, a family club and this is definitely how we wish to stay. We promote long term lifetime swimming, we are super proud to have the range of teenagers in the upper end of the club, we welcome back all those that go to university in the holiday period. However Matlock’s competitive nature has increased and we now have Midland swimmers, County medallists and County Champions within the club, we have 3 girls on the British Triathlon Talent team, we have Master’s swimmers at Age

Group and Professional GB selections, we have Open Water swimmers completing channel swims. Alongside this we have junior swimmers being selected for regional development days and offered places to elite training pathways. We need to meet the demands of all and as you can see this isn’t easy. The timetable has changes and we are sorry if it isn’t perfect for everyone, however we have made some really beneficial changes that will increase the performance level of everyone. 

The new timetable can be viewed here.

The new land training times can be viewed here.

Please note the following
Friday evening are going to be a popular and busy evening in the last 1hour 30mins, so please consider this session it will have some elements of compromise “fun/team/club evening” due to high numbers, groups will get mixed and  will get changed depending on the programmes, numbers and time of year. (this already happens now)

We would like more competitive swimmers attending Friday morning sessions where more distances and stroke specific sets will be done. Juniors Friday mornings training is available to you.
Tuesdays Club 3 will now swim on a Tuesday, this will help make the Master session more efficient and allow Club 3 a back to back swim as they should be attending Wednesday mornings. Club 1,2 will swim together on Wednesday evenings, increasing their time with Gary and allowing them the option of getting a back to back swim in (AM training followed by PM training)
Sunday land training for Club 1,2,3 is optional however we highly recommend it for all a county level and above swimmers. We expect regular attendance, Club1,2,3 swimmers only have 5mins to change from land training to swimming we don’t except you to be late.

Junior swimmers will only have 5mins to finish swimming and go to land training, so the normal shower time and chat time has been reduced significantly. Swimmers need to get changed as fast as possible, land training will start at 5.50 prompt. If we can’t get changed fast enough, it will be done on poolside and you will need to buy a yoga matt. Juniors to make this session run, we are aiming to have at least 8 swimmers every week, if we get lower numbers than this, we will review if this session will stay on. Land training is a luxury for you junior swimmers use it.
All swimmers doing land training – need proper trainers and shorts, T.shirt and a drink.  If swimmers are late to land training Lucie has our support to send you out. Changing should not take a long time.

For ‘the old people’ we are offering a stretching and mobility session before your  Sunday swim, this will be done near the small pool, matt/thick towel recommended. Shorts and T.shirt need to be worn over swim wear. We don’t want Mr Chairman AKA Hallas, getting his fine physic out every week.  Steph has volunteered to run these session, if numbers are poor this session will be cancelled, its on a trial basis, but it’s for you to take advantage of.

This new timetable is bound to have some teething problems so please bear with us. Some swimmers will be spoken to and asked to swim in two groups to steady the progress on moving up a little. Some upper end masters will be swimming in Club 3 on some days.

Once the timetable is in place we will be reshuffling swimmers into different groups.

Overall these are the changes – fingers crossed to a successful transition. Gary will be introducing pre swim warm ups to all groups, so hopefully sitting on the blue poolside chair will be a thing of the past. Swimmers will all be encouraged to do pre land warm ups, to maximise their pool time.

Open meets are still poorly attended, we did a target open meet and only had 25 swimmers, we want this number going up to 50 plus, this gala was suitable for all groups from Development 2 to Club 3.

We very much support multisport athletes, however we do except you to compete for your team. Simple club and league gala’s will not affect your performance AT ALL. If you are selected for a league gala we want you to do everything you can to be there. Swimmers should be able to race in both league and open meets, even if on consecutive days, parents this is where you come in. Swimmers need racing costumes for competitions and Matlock Hats!!!!!

Loads of swimmers are doing amazing things, please email Duncan your achievements and we can publish these on the website, open water swims, aquathlons etc. We encourage all swimmers to share their race calendar’s with us, their goals and targets. It makes coaching so much easier and more beneficial to you. Talk to us. Swimmers wishing to keep training log books should share their comments and additional sports with coaches, this is especially important at elite level.
With Thanks
Di and Gary