We, as coaches, find ourselves constantly reminding the swimmers of the same thing over and over. Main areas for concerns at swimming meets are, poor clothing and attire suitable for the conditions, sweet eating to the excess and not coming to the Coach immediately before and after your swim so that you can be given any last minute instructions and certainly feedback on how the swim went. Remember your Coach is there to watch how you perform and upon that can make coaching recommendations and construct future training accordingly. We are not there as poolside child minders, and swimmers who wander off poolside put themselves in danger of missing their races.

You train to prepare yourselves to compete and when you get on that block you are on your own you will be encouraged and at times receive visual encouragement, but you have to bear in mind overuse of visual encouragement can be construed as pacing and outside assistance which could result in disqualification, so parents please understand why you don’t see coaches running from lane to lane and along poolside.

The instructions to my coaches are to position yourself in a spot where you can see all you need to see and be visible to the swimmer to approach you before and after the race. It is not a consideration for the coach to be chasing around after swimmers who fail to follow this protocol. If you don’t speak to your coach before and/or after your swim, you will lose potentially important information that could hamper your progress.

Remember, you will not hit personal best times every time you swim, this is unrealistic. Depending on where you are in the season, the volume of training at the time, the type of competition and your physical development (ie growth/puberty) will all have a bearing on your performance and this is why it is essential to receive all the advice you can.

The eating of big bags of sweets and fizzy drinks on poolside MUST STOP, apart from complaints from poolside team help about the litter and mess it causes, it is not practical to fill your belly with a solid mass of gooey sweets that will take hours to digest and then expect your body to perform to its optimum when you begin to exercise. You are risking getting gastro intestinal issues and a high risk of being sick!  Contained within the links is information on Nutrition and Hydration, pre, during and post competition. The aim here is not to preach What to eat, but to identify possibly what NOT to eat and drink. Plus please remember the importance of the Elixir of Life……. WATER, our bodies are made up of approx. 65% of the stuff, so to avoid, headaches, cramp, dehydration and aid our bodies ability to cope, drink it !!

Please take time to read the attached, it will essentially help us all to achieve and deliver.

What you need to know about your Diet

How to swim faster at Galas


Prepared Nov 2015
Gary McCaffery
Chief Coach Matlock Swimming
Exercise and Sports Nutritionalist