Parents or Guardians can be a positive influence on the achievements and enjoyment of swimmers. There are three ways to do this: -

    1. Support the swimmer – there is undeniable motivation in knowing that someone is interested in your performance, is willing you to do well and will appreciate your effort whether the result is good or bad. So come to training sessions, spectate at galas and never criticise immediately after a disappointing performance. The swimmer will be miserable enough without any assistance from you but your support can be critical in them putting it behind them and getting on with improvements.

    1. Support the specialists – the teachers, coaches and gala officials have invested their own time and money to gain A.S.A. qualifications and have in addition considerable experience. They deserve your backing and you can demonstrate this in two ways – firstly, encourage your swimmer to put the effort into training and follow the programme as set (a lot of time-money-skill goes into producing it); secondly do remember this in this country a person is innocent until proven guilty. If something is causing you concern then ask to talk to the person concerned and get an explanation – but not on poolside. A polite and rational approach will be welcomed and get a polite and rational response.

  1. Support the club! - Are you aware that we would need 62 teachers / coaches if each person involved took one lane for one session? Do you realise that an internal gala requires 37 people on poolside? Few adults stay on when their children stop swimming so we have a constant need for new helpers. Many jobs can be done without qualifications so don’t be bashful – make an offer of help. Adults can contribute to the success if the club and in return can share the satisfaction and enjoyments of achievements and a job well done.