Attendance – Attendance is optional at Matlock Swimming Club; however it is essential that you can keep up and meet the demands of your group. Recommend attendance is highlighted for clubs 1,2,3 in recommended commitment document

Lateness – Lateness should not be a regular occurrence, on occasions you maybe late, explain your reason to the coaches.

Leaving Early - If for some reason you must leave the session it is essential that you tell the coach. It is a H&S requirement that the Coach knows how many are in the pool. Don't just disappear

Talking –Matlock pride themselves on being a community club and hopes to be a great place to socialize but when the Coach is delivering instructions it is your responsibility to be quiet to ensure you reach your potential and let others reach theirs.

Technique – Technique is paramount to swimmers and it is essential you take on points and feedback from your Coach. Correct turns and finishes should always be done to the best of your ability. Technique is in your own hands, coaches can provide you with method to improve however you must practice them in order to see improvement. The Coach cannot swim for you !!

Lane Discipline – Lane ropes are a safety feature and swimmers should work as a team when swimming in a lane together, swimmers should always leave 5 seconds between each other, and only take over where safe to do so. Work together share the leading out. Stopping – All sessions are suitable for all swimmers in the group, however if you have to stop or chose to stop you must sit on the side with your feet out of the water to ensure you do not get in the way of other swimmers.

Toilet Breaks – Swimmers should use the toilet before the start of the sessions, if you really need to go ask at the end of a set, try not to ask during a set as you will lose the benefit of the session.

General Attitude – Swimmers should be positive and willing to learn, you are expected to be polite to your Coach and your fellow team mates. Rudeness, inappropriate comments and bullying will be taken very seriously.

Attitude to training – Swimming is a demanding and challenging sport, swimmers must be prepared to work hard, get stuck in, push themselves and show the determination to achieve. Swimmers must remain coachable. Success is your own destiny. Whether you are a recreational, leisure, club, County, Midland or National performer you should all have individual goals you strive to achieve. Whatever your ability the club will work with you to achieve you goals and potential, never give up and never under estimate what you can achieve.

Drinks – Swimmers are encouraged to drink during training to maintain hydration levels, however this should be done during the set and not used as a excuse to stop. No fizzy drinks!

Equipment – Swimmers should have all their own equipment and it should have names on and preferably in a net bag to prevent it getting mixed up.

- Kick board

- Pull Bouy

- Hand Paddles (appropriate size ask coaches for recommendations)

- Fins

- Club Hat

- Club costume / jammers


Club Kit – at competition it is compulsory you wear club kit if you have it, we are a team we must look like a team. See Don Needham for club kit.

Swimmers that do not wish to conform to the rules will be expected to leave the session. This will be at the judgement of any coach or helper.